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We have one focus and one goal: Driving Targeted Traffic to your Business through Internet Marketing.

Imagine having thousands of Professional Internet Marketers driving visitors to your website every day without having to do any of the work yourself.

Through our Partnership with ShareASale and Awin (the two largest Affiliate Networks in the world) we are able to offer Full Affiliate Marketing Management to drive unlimited traffic to your business. 

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It all starts with Onboarding your business with ShareASale (North America) and Awin (Global). We setup your Accounts for you and give you access so that you can keep track of everything whenever you want. At this point you will add your Initial Deposit into a Trust for paying your Affiliates, and we assist you in linking your site into the system.

Next we work closely with you to create stunning Campaigns that are designed to grab peoples attention and drive them to your site.

Once you have approved the Campaigns we start Recruiting Affiliates who have proven track records in your Industry or Niche. We also add a link to your site so your Customers can join your Affiliate Program and recommend your Products or Services to their friends.

Every time one of your Customers becomes an Affiliate we will send them a Training Packet that is designed to teach them step-by-step how to Market your business without violating SPAM Laws, or being a nuisance to their friends and family.

We then work closely with you to create Monthly Campaigns to keep the traffic flowing to your business. We also maintain regular contact with your Affiliates, Track their Links, and ensure that your Campaigns are being kept up to date across the Internet, while you sit back, enjoy your coffee or take a vacation and watch the sales soar.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (AKA Referral Marketing) has been around since the beginning of the monetary system and is believed to be the easiest way for people to earn a residual income online. 

With Event 201 (AKA Covid) many people around the world have turned to the Internet to build a secure future for themselves and their families. They have taken up Podcasting, Blogging, Vlogging, and more. You hear stories every day about them making hundreds of thousands of dollars online.  

The Secret to their Success is Affiliate Marketing. They are promoting other peoples Products and Services. Then when someone clicks their link they earn a commission on every sale. They usually specialize in a specific Genre, but often focus their attention on their Local Region.

The big difference between Affiliate Marketing and Pay-Per-Click is that they don’t get paid until you make a sale.

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